Monday, August 1, 2011


Over the last month, I have run through a gamut of emotions.

I have had the feelings of excitement run through my veins. So real. So new. So wanted.

I have had the crushing blows of losing a good friend. A friend that meant more to me than I thought. But timing is everything, and this friendship was ahead of its time. 

I have had the worry of an MRI on my son's brain and then the impending worry of surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids (brain looks good! and surgery went well).

I have been so torn by the actions of family members, that I have had to cut myself off from them. I need to avoid the drama.

Add this to the solo parenting for weeks and the disappointments from weekend visits from my kids' dad. And the sleepless nights due to all of this.

And now?

Now all I feel is


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  1. Hey! Im glad your son is doing well! Ya know I bet that friend is out there if you need them..

    Sorry bout all your troubles.