Thursday, July 14, 2011

50 Things about me

The first 50 things I could come up about me.

  1. My first name (that my parents gave me) was Frances. I dropped it when I got married.
  2. My favorite color is blue. Preferably a light blue or bright blue.
  3. My favorite vacation spot is the beach. Atlantic Beach, NC to be exact. I grew up going there each year. 
  4. My sister has leukemia. She is 31, and doesn't have much longer to live. We are grateful for each day she is here (more on that later).
  5. The number 5 is my favorite number. 
  6. I love sports.
  7. I love NASCAR.
  8. Tony Stewart (#14) is my favorite driver.
  9. My bucket mostly consists of vising restaurants or sports venues.
  10. I love coffee.
  11. I have 2 boys.
  12. My oldest child has Aspergers.
  13. Bad weather makes me nervous.
  14. I LOVE FOOD!!!
  15. My nickname is high school was Phranki.
  16. I met my husband in an AOL chat room.
  17. I miss my house in Indiana. It was my dream house.
  18. I love growing roses.
  19. I like to crochet, and am getting pretty good.
  20. I LOVE Reba McEntire.
  21. I really hate SpongeBob.
  22. My favorite rose is a yellow long stem.
  23. My favorite flower is a star gazer lily.
  24. I was in the Chorus in High School.
  25. One of my guilty pleasures is reading Southern Living magazine.
  26. I can play the piano and can read easy sheet music.
  27. My favorite pizza toppings are: mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, pineapple, and tomatoes.
  28. I am a hopeless romantic. 
  29. My favorite quote is: In the winds of change, you find your true direction.
  30. When I was 4 or 5, I went to the mountains with my grandparents, and I fell into the Nantahala River (in western NC). My grandmother made me a dress out of a pillowcase.
  31. My first concert was New Kids on the Block concert, where they opened for Tiffany. I left when Tiffany took the stage.
  32. I like to quote movies, songs, commercials, and TV shows randomly.
  33. I LOVE to sing. OUT. LOUD.
  34. I keep lists in notebooks. Bucket list, things that make me happy, etc. I have about 5 laying around the house. 
  35. I am a touch-feely kind of person. I love hugs. And kisses, cuddling, and PDA with my love.
  36. I enjoy retail therapy, but do not participate very often.
  37. I don't always clean the lint trap after each load of laundry.
  38. I do not have a best friend.
  39. I use hashtags in DMs, email, and texts. #hashtagjunkie (and apparently now in blog posts too)
  40. I have always wanted to open a bed and breakfast.
  41. I love to cook and feed people, and would also love to open a restaurant.
  42. My favorite movies are The Bodyguard and Pure Country. For real.
  43. I was bullied in school. It started in elementary school and continued through high school.
  44. There is a house between Tarboro and Greenville (in NC) that I have always been in love with, and would love to turn into a bed and breakfast.
  45. I hate the sound of a balloon popping.
  46. I hate twinkies.
  47. I love sappy romantic movies
  48. I love music - especially Country, 80s, 90s, and Classical.
  49. My grandma is responsible for my love of classical music. She used to take me to the symphony as well as ballets when I was a little girl. She always played classical music in her car. She had an album that she taped of The Musical Storyteller by Vivian Farrell
  50. I collect magnets. I love to get them as souvenirs when friends and family travel. I have some really neat ones from Italy, NYC, and Arkansas. 
OK, that's enough about me for now. 

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  1. My oldest's favorite # is 5 too. And I am decidedly NOT a physically affectionate person.. People are so different... it's fun! Have you ever read 5 Love Languages? I think you'd like it. (non-fiction)